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Notice on kids curtain selection

October 29, 2015

Curtain has an ice on cake achievement on home decoration, especially the kids curtain. It is very important process for parents to choose kids curtain. Two things need to consider to when doing kids curtain selection. Kid curtain style must can fit what the room style is and curtain fabric must made from those natural and environmental protection. Bellow are some notice on kids curtain selection:

First: curtain material

Cause kids curtain are used for kids bedroom, healthy is the most important thing we need to consider. Doing regular cleaning job on kids curtain so kids curtain should be those easy to wash items. Curtain material better cotton, linen and yarn natural material. Cotton/linen blend fabric commonly used to make kids curtain nowadays because they are supper soft and easy to wash.


Second: color selection

Curtain has great decorative effect for home decoration and great effect on children鈥� psychological growing. Therefor, kids curtain selection must follow what kids like and dislike so that to have good kids curtain. Different aged prefer to different curtain style, the same to kids and children. For the little baby, bright and light color are most popular while dark colored curtain better for winter.

kids curtain

Curtain pattern selection

When talk to kids curtain pattern, kids favorite pattern is the best choice. Such as princess cartoon patterns. Some others, if parent do not know what kids might prefer to, just talk to him/her and to choose the similarity item.

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